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Is this YOU?


☑︎ No idea when, where, and how to start postpartum training. 


☑︎ Strugged with bladder leaking, lower back pain, prolapse, diastasis recti, etc. 


☑︎  No access to specialized postpartum &sports trainers.  ​


☑︎  Not necessarily returning to athletic competition, but would love to enjoy sports for the rest of your life. 


☑︎ Returned to sports, but still struggled to move freely due to postpartum issues. 


☑︎  Not newly postpartum and limit my athletic performance due to postpartum issues. 

☑︎  Want to rebuild my body strong and safely due to potential future pregnancy  ​

☑︎  Hard to focus on training ALONE, I need someone to guide me and give me accountability

☑︎ There is no head and mental space to THINK and plan my postpartum training  ​

☑︎  Want the support specialized to my unique body and sports. 

Happy Voices

I struggled with severe bladder leakage, but I now can live without a pad and can enjoy playing time with my kids more than ever before without any worry

I started cardio training but neck/shoulder/lower back pain showed up immediately and stopped me from moving forward. By doing postpartum training in the correct order, I can say goodbye to this pain and enjoy sports!

After the cesarean section, I felt my lower belly wasn't a part of my body anymore and struggled to reconnect. Mayumi patiently provided me with advice helping melt my emotional stress towards the lower abs. Now I feel very comfortable with my body and can't wait to progress my exercises even more!

Thanks to the online program, there was no conflict with my baby's inconsistent sleeping/playing schedule. I didn't need to spend my limited time on the commute. It helped me not to miss any lessons either!

The sessions with Mayumi not only provided me with physical support but also mental support which I believe most mamas went though after birth. This support kept me moving toward my goal. 

I went through bed rest during pregnancy. I was unable to train during pregnancy, and I felt my body weaken. With training and advice tailored to my body, as well as mental support, I was able to focus on my goal and train without anxiety, and return to sports. Now, I am completely pain-free and enjoying what I love!

​​​Not only postpartum training, but training to prevent injuries that are likely to occur in your own sports are also included in the program, and I was able to build a body that can enjoy sports from a long-term perspective!

I learned about my body's uniquness and learned how to take care of myself in the future.

I am now confident to support my daughter when she becomes pregnant and gives birth in the future.


Mayumi Yamamoto


NATABOC Certified Athletic Trainer 

Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

Mother of 3 daughters

Based in the Netherlands 

I've been in the healthcare profession as a NATA athletic trainer since 2003 and worked with athletes in Cirque du Soleil shows for over 10 years.

I'm a mother of 3 daughters who were born in 3 different countries. Over the repetitive pregnancies, I felt my body was broken down with pain all over my body. Then, luckily I encountered postpartum corrective exercises to prepare her own body.


What I was surprised the most was the fact that I did not receive any advice on postnatal body care from none of the medical staff that I visited during my pregnancy and childbirth in 11 cities in 5 countries. I realized there is such low awareness of postnatal care worldwide.


Furthermore, I learned that many athletes had given up on sports due to pain and postpartum-specific issues. and one of the reasons was the lack of proper information on the postpartum body. This made me decide to support this population. 


Currently, as a "postpartum coach for athletes", I preside over programs for postpartum women returning to sports while building a strong foundation for a safe and reliable body through evidence-based exercises.


I am working towards a world where postpartum care becomes commonplace.


Q. I am not an athlete, can I participate?

yes. It is intended for those who want to be physically active or enjoy sports. Corrective exercises are an approach to relax overused muscles and activate underused muscles to keep a balanced body. The exercises are slow and low-impacted, not intensive. You won't have any issues participating without difficulty.

Q. I have just given birth, can I still participate?

​If you are newly postpartum, we request you to have a medical professional's clearance for exercises. 

Q. It's been more than 10 years since I gave birth, can I still participate?

MamaBodyology believes that all mothers who do not take care of their bodies after giving birth are still considered postpartum.

Compared to newly postpartum mamas,, it might take a little longer for the body functions to restore. BUT It's never "too late". Please join us.

Q. Is the program online?

yes. The program is basically online, including communication. The exercises themselves do not require bulky training equipment and can be done at home.

​You can participate in any country as long as you have an environment where you can connect to the Internet, not just Japan and the Netherlands.

Q. I'm concerned if I can receive proper guidance via online

Corrective exercise, in particular, believes that it is more important to "HOW YOU DO" than "what to do". Therefore, I will give detailed guidance so that the client can understand.

From a client who came to the program with similar concerns. 

​We have received comments such as, "I was worried about getting the ONLINE session, however, I received solid follow-ups and advice which Mayumi broke down until I can really understand. I would tell myself "no worry, just do it!". " 

Q. How long can I improve my physical condition?

Depending on the postpartum date, the content and severity of your concerns, your physical condition, and the level of the connection between your body and mind, signs of changes will appear as early as 4 weeks. It will take about 3-4 months to maintain the improved level. Everybody is different and unfortunately we can't guarantee. 

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