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Live What You Love

Being a mother enriches your life, not stop what you love.


You can be a mother & an athlete.

MamaBodyology guides women to live what they love SAFELY. 

No need to experience the same thing like these circus performers 👇


"I wish I had the right tool to recover from my pregnancy and delivery from the beginning of my journey. Then I didn't need to go through feeling get lost, or feeling behind, and could focus on what I needed to do for recovery and simply enjoy being a mother from the bottom of my heart."

What's the approach of "MamaBodyology"?

Not only you return to your favorite performance level, but also master

The Lifelong Self-Body Care Skillset. 

What's 4R?



Understand the uniqueness of MamaBody. Rediscover the reasons for the complaints. Learn your unique habit on how you use your body.

Before reaching the final destination, you need to know where is your starting point. In order to create the map of your journey, you rediscover how your body changed and where your body is by MamaBody tests



Reconnect with the body and each body part that might have been disconnected through the body changes during pregnancy/postpartum

​In modern life, our brain is way dominant over our body. It's more challenging to hear what your body's need is. In order to effectively progress, reconnect with your body and mind, evolve the communication line, and say bye to the disconnected body. 



Restore the original function of each body part with an evidence-based corrective exercises approach.

By performing evidenced based corrective exercises, you will recreate good balance between overactive and underactive muscles, and restore the original function of your body.



Rebuild and strengthen even further after creating a restored and balanced body.

Once you restore the basic and core balance in your body, you rebuild the body with more functional & performance-specific exercise training. 

For WHO?

Mother with her Child _edited.jpg


Pregnancy and childbirth change bony structures and muscular functions to varying degrees. As long as this function is not in place, MamaBodyology considers mothers who have given birth even 16 years + ago,  to be "postpartum mothers". If you are someone who wants to 

  • Improve Chronic neck/shoulder and Back pain 

  • Improve Leaking, Prolapse, Diastasis Recti (ab separation)

  • Return to physical activities SAFELY with full body function 

MamaBodyology can assess each individual body We assess each individual's body and provide support to achieve their goals through exercises tailored to their concerns.


40's / 2 kids/  Aya

  • After giving birth to the second child, use 50mlpads every day

  • lower back pain for over 10 years.

  • In the first month, the stiff shoulders were relieved, in the second month, the back pain was greatly improved, and in the third month, she was able to jump and play with her children without leaking.

50's ・shoulder tightness・Pastora

  • Monthly acupuncturist visits for years.

  • No need for an acupuncturist visit after 1 month 

  • lost 5kg.

50's・lower back ・Rei

  • noticed a crooked pelvis and heaviness in the lower abdomen.

  • ​The distortion is improved and the weight of the lower abdomen is also improved. Lower back pain is improved by approaching the whole body. 

Mayumi Yamamoto


"Live what you love" and " Support others who strive to do what they love". These core beliefs in life led Mayumi to leave Japan to pursue her dream of becoming a NATA athletic trainer. She worked as a performance medicine therapist at Cirque du Soleil to support elite performers to do what they love.  

Giving birth to 3 daughters in 3 different countries while visiting doctors in 11 cities in 5 countries made her face the reality of limited postpartum care. 
This shifted her professional focus to guide women to recover from pregnancy and delivery and help them to return to what they love. 

Mayumi offers an online Pre/Postpartum exercise program with research-based exercises, comprehensive and personalized coaching, diligent communication, and dedication.


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